When looking at different cultures and societies in our world, very few are as influential as the faith-based market. Looking at the rare combination of morals, loyalty and compassion, they have an untapped power when it comes to media. Due to the deep personal relationships involved in this market, it can be difficult to gain any kind of traction within this community. Our experiences in both Hollywood and Christian culture provide us with a unique perspective in two very different markets. We “bridge the gap” between the “Christian world” and the world of mainstream media. We take your message and translate it into relevant stories for their audiences, allowing more people to hear about your stories that we know inspire hope. 

Our faith-based communication services include:

  • Faith-friendly entertainment marketing
  • Faith-based media relations
  • Church media relations  
  • Communication audits  
  • Church crisis planning
  • Church crisis communication 
  • FEMA certified emergency preparedness plans
  • Faith-based image restoration campaigns