Almost immediately following a crisis comes your response. Navigating your response in a crisis can be just as detrimental to your brand as the crisis itself. Our team is known for providing open and honest communication during a crisis.


Our network of rehabilitation and treatment facilities across the country provide the utmost in client privacy and comfort. Rest assured that we vet our facilities with strictest in security and amenities to provide you with the help and relaxation needed for recovery.


We provide your team media training and, if needed, will speak on behalf of your organization via official media statements or press conferences. As a spokesperson, we help you navigate the insanity that a crisis can be.


Even after a crisis, lingering questions can cause irreparable harm to your brand. We specialize in creating extensive image restoration campaigns to recover after a crisis for brands, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals.


When looking at different cultures and societies in our world, very few are as influential as the faith-based market. Looking at the rare combination of morals, loyalty, and compassion, they have an untapped power when it comes to media.


Our experiences in both Hollywood and Christian culture provide us with a unique perspective in two very different markets. We “bridge the gap” between the “Christian world” and the world of mainstream media. We take your message and translate it into relevant stories for their audiences, allowing more people to hear about your stories that we know inspire hope.


Communication in the church can often leave parishioners, staff, and volunteers frustrated with red tape that we can create in our brokenness. Our team will spend time in your church with a wide range of people and use that information to create a comprehensive evaluation of your church’s ability to send, receive, and share information with various audiences within your congregation.


We have firsthand experience in creating and executing “emergency preparedness plans” for schools, universities, and churches. Our team is certified through FEMA and Homeland Security on emergency management.


At the end of the day, our love is entertainment PR. We love helping actors, directors, producers, filmmakers, musicians, etc. achieve their dreams by getting their name or product out there. We develop unique, new media strategies based on your needs, to gain the maximum amount of press. We shape and direct a unique publicity campaign that combines more traditional public relations efforts with viral marketing techniques and social media.


Our broad entertainment clientele allows us to have strong relationships with entertainment media journalists that we use along with instinct and intelligence to develop and secure our client’s overall public image. We work together to form an extensive publicity plan that matches with your needs and our expertise.


We have been retained as “Unit Publicist” on several different national theatrical film campaigns. With the ins and outs of distributors for your film, PR is becoming an increasingly more powerful tool in gaining a strong audience opening weekend. We work with some of the most well-known film critics and reviewers to get positive press for your film.


We believe that giving back is a vital part of your public image. Using our unique network of charitable organizations, we work with you to find one that best fits your passion. We know that stepping into this world can be a scary experience. We take great pride in our personal one-on-one relationships with our clients. We care about protecting our client’s public image, as well as their personal wellness.


With our personal network of some of the nation’s leading journalists in conjunction with a high caliber media database, we can quickly and directly distribute our custom press releases to targeted journalists in your industry within minutes.